Cribbage Board Scoring Pegs

Cribbage board scoring pegs are supplied with each board and are also available separately. They are made from brass with acrylic tops which are available in a number of colours. 

Standard scoring pegs are 37mm long overall, the acrylic section is 5mm in diameter and the brass end is 2.5mm in diameter to fit all types of cribbage board.

These scoring pegs are available separately at £3.95 each + P&P. Please specify colour choice(s) at time of ordering.

To purchase scoring pegs separately, please email your requirements to:
Buy direct from my shop at

A: Scarlet Sensation

B: Volcano

C: Purple Passion

D: Pink Cocktail

E: Cosmic Swirl

F: Blue Ripples

G: Tidal Swirl

H: Tropical Sunset

I: Jazz

J: Key Lime Swirl

K: Forest Swirl

L: Amber Flare

M: Orange Flames

N: Tiger Stripes

O: Chocolate Swirl

P: Cats Eye

Q: Lava Splash

R: White Lightning

S: Blue Lightning

T: Pink Lace

U: Lucky Dip

V: Tortoise Shell

W: Crushed Granite

X: Rocky Road

Y: Crushed Turquoise

Z: Pure White

AA: Crushed Amber

BB: Crushed Green

CC: Crushed Blue

DD: Crushed Indigo

EE: Crushed Pink

FF: Crushed Scarlet

GG: Crushed Burgundy

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