Here are some examples of pieces that have been commissioned by clients. This is not an exhaustive list, but gives an overview of the type of work undertaken by Ridgeway Woodcraft.

Shown below is a bracelet case made from maple with dyed wood inserts let in. In the top the name Iona is engraved into the lid and a brass compound inserted into the engraving before sanding flat. The approximate size is 120mm x 80mm x 40mm high.

Shown belowis a light coloured example of an Athena Cribbage Board. The body is made from maple and the playing surface on top is made from cherry. This board is longer than the standard Athena Cribbage Board to accomodate the commemorative plaques requested by the customer. Inside is storage for 2 packs of playing cards together with the specially made scoring pegs. The scoring pegs are made from brass and acrylic and are stored in a rotating housing preventing them from falling out during transit. It also features engraved brass plaques set into the top, as the customers' requirements. Dimensions are approximately 320mm x 100mm x 55mm.

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