Jewellery Boxes

Shown below are a selection of jewellery boxes. Each box is bespoke in design and hand made. Please contact us for further details.

Prices start from £150 for a jewellery box and from £185 for a 3 drawer jewellery chest.
Prices will vary
according to design specification and materials.
Please contact us for a quotation for your specific requirements.

The box below is made from maple and with cocobolo edging at the ends.

Approximate dimensions: 300mm x 185mm x 150mm

Features: Daisy flowers made from acrylic sheet, each petal and element is individually hand cut and inlaid into the maple. It also features 2 lift out jewellery trays with a full sized compartment at the bottom of the box, sealed and waxed to finish.

The box below is made from maple and with a cherry edging to the lid.

Approximate dimensions: 300mm x 150mm x 110mm

Features: Leaf and stem decoration made from rosewood and mopane, acrylic flower feature, 5 compartment lift out jewellery tray with a full sized compartment beneath the tray all lined with blue crushed velvet, and finished in acrylic lacquer.

The box below is made from oak and ropala lacewood. The panel in the top is birdseye maple veneer.

Approximate dimensions: 260mm x 130mm x 160mm

Features: A lockable top, 2 removable jewellery trays with a secret compartment beneath the lower tray, matching ropala lacewood hinges and ebony inlay stripes.

The box below is primarily made from oak. The joints and edge of the lid are lined with zebrano veneer. The inlaid panels are made from hand blown stained glass. The tops of the lift out trays are lined with ropala lacewood.

Approximate dimensions: 265mm x 130mm x 145mm

Features: 3 lift out trays plus padded, lined and buttoned bottom compartment together with a mirror inside the lid.

The box below is made from purpleheart and has mahogany drawers with yew front panels and purpleheart handles. The panels on the sides, top and back are walnut veneer.

Approximate dimensions: 300mm x 200mm x 160mm

Features: 3 drawers and a hidden secret compartment in the void above the top drawer, only accessible with the drawers removed.

The box below is made from mahogany and has beech top, base and centre band. The panel in the top is zebrano veneer.

Approximate dimensions: 250mm x 160mm x 135mm

Features: A lockable top complete with mirror, 2 removable jewellery trays and a drawer.

The box below is made from oak and has marquetry top constructed from various wood veneers including rosewood.

Approximate dimensions: 260mm x 150mm x 120mm

Features: A lockable top and a drawer with a locking plunger which means that when the top is locked, so is the drawer. It also has an inner compartment within the void inside the top.

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