Hermes Cribbage Board

This is a new and unique design of travel cribbage board.

The board is designed to be compact and contain everything you need to play, wherever you are. At home or on holiday, all you need in one box.

Inside the box there is a recess to hold 4 playing pegs (available separately) and a pack of playing cards, all held in position by the base panel, which is turn held closed by a small magnet.

The base panel simply slides out and the two halves separate and lock into each end of the top forming a full sized, traditional layout cribbage board, ready to play.

The entire board is made from solid hardwood, so it will be durable and last for many years, under normal use. The frame is made from maple and the top/base is made from the material described below.

Please note - Pegs and cards are not included in the price, however, pegs are available separately. Please see Ridgeway Woodcraft's Cribbage Pegs page or visit out shop.