Zeus Cribbage Board

The Zeus cribbage board is made from beautiful, contrasting hardwoods. Its simple yet classic design constists of a top and a bottom frame which are separated by solid wood panels which encase the drawer and are made from the same wood as the playing surface.

At one end the panel conceals a drawer which houses 1 pack of playing cards together with the specially made scoring pegs. Generally 2 pairs of scoring pegs are supplied with each board, but more can be supplied and housed if required. Please specify scoring peg colour preference at time of ordering. More details about the scoring pegs are available on the Cribbage Pegs page above, or click here. The scoring pegs are stored in a rotating housing preventing them from becoming lost or damaged during storage or transit.

The drawer is fitted with a stop to prevent it coming out further than is required to access the playing cards, also preventing possible damage from it falling out. The corner pillars and drawer knobs are made from matching acrylic.

The board is finished with 2 coats of sealer, then 2 coats of antique wax are applied and buffed.

Dimensions are approximately 330mm x 130mm x 75mm.

The Zeus Cribbage Board is for sale for £149 + P&P.

Examples of the following wood combinations are shown below:

Black Walnut and Cherry

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